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Rocks, Arches, and the Pelvic Floor?

June 15, 2012 | by Contributor

We all know moms tend to deal with pelvic floor issues later on in life. It’s part of the sacrifice for giving birth right? Well, we know anything we go through is worth bringing a child into this world…but what if those pelvic issues didn’t have to be such an issue?

What if we were able to address pelvic floor weakness before it became a larger problem?

Bear with me for a little analogy 🙂

Let’s say the keystone (top middle rock) represents the pelvic floor.

After childbirth the pelvic floor/ inner core is typically weak and stretched out. Without specifically re-strengthening the inner core muscles together…moms can go months if not years without getting those muscles and tissue strong again, even with avid fitness goers. And when the pelvic floor and inner core is weak, other muscles have to compensate. Over time, that keystone continues to get weak, brittle and may just crumble…aagghh!

So what if moms were given a post-partum core reconditioning program? What if moms left the hospital knowing they should do certain exercises in the next few months to get their core strength back? Instead of moms focusing on losing weight, the first real concern should be “are you doing inner core exercises?”

When the inner core is re-strengthened first, then the body has the proper foundation to achieve muscle balance and build on more fitness goals such as cardio, general strength training and even running. Moms will be less prone to muscle balance issues, injuries and pelvic floor issues down the line…something moms really deserve.


Celeste Goodson, A.C.E. Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, Pre/Post Natal Trainer, developed ReCORE ™ exercise program. Check out her website at



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4 thoughts on “Rocks, Arches, and the Pelvic Floor?

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  2. Molly says:

    Hi Lawanda,
    Here are a couple good blogs and resources for helping to build pelvic floor strength:

    Let me know if that helps!

  3. lawanda says:

    Could you be more specific about what exercises you need to do in order to strengthen your pelvic muscles?

  4. Jeni says:

    I could not agree more!