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A Heart-shaped Uterus

June 15, 2011 | by Molly

A bicornuate uterus, often referred to as a “heart-shaped uterus,” is a rare type of uterine deformity where two “horns” form the upper part of the uterus. See in the images below how it varies from a normal shaped uterus.

Bicornuate or “heart-shaped” uterus



Average Uterus

I wanted to share “Gemela525’s” story for our 1000 women-dedicated  post this month because  of this unique but rare disorder.  Gemela was diagnosed with a heart-shaped uterus after a miscarriage of her first child.  While this is a rare condition, it is possible to conceive and carry a child with medical intervention.  Gemela’s story displays incredible strength – she went through a great deal of pain to become a mother and for that we applaud her.



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