Below Your Belt Joins MATTER Chicago

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The healthcare think tank MATTER will help facilitate the development process of the Below Your Belt pelvic health app for adolescent girls.  MATTER brings together leaders in healthcare technology to collaborate and build next-generation healthcare solutions that will improve quality of care.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with other entities at MATTER Chicago in the education and health field,” said Missy Lavender, Below Your Belt CEO. “As we develop a game-based model, we hope to create a unique experience via the app to teach girls the importance of pelvic health, anatomy, physiology, hygiene and other relevant topics they are not currently learning in traditional health education or from their grown-ups.  We are thrilled to join the team at MATTER to bring our vision to life!”

Introducing the Below Your Belt App!

The BEST way to get our important pelvic health education in front of girls is On. Their. Screens.  We know – without a doubt – that the information from our award-winning book will change lives. 

We’re making it happen, and you can help us.  Our campaign was selected by iFundWomen, a new crowdfunding platform for women-led business, as one of a handful of launch campaigns.

From the moment our adolescent pelvic health study was completed, we knew that our entire approach had to shift.  Girls need to learn about pelvic health they are not getting it anywhere else.

You helped us publish our book for tween and teen girls.  Let’s take it all the way.  Together!

Your support and advocacy are very much appreciated!

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