You and Beyonce!

Want to bid on a chance to see Queen Bey this weekend at Soldier Field in Chicago?

WHF has been gifted two tickets to the Beyonce concert this Friday (5/27)!  You can support WHF and bid on your chance to be at the show in our auction on eBay!

beyonce 3

WHF Beyonce Concert Tickets Auction

Enjoy your place on the floor, and remember, as Beyonce sings, “Who Runs the World? Girls!”

Bidding ends midday Friday. Thank you for your support!



Lily Tells Us What It’s Like to be A Teen Girl

Lily Fiske demonstrates what it’s like to be a teen girl growing up without really knowing that there’s such a thing as pelvic health and what it means for the future!


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Leak and Laugh, Funny Or Not?

Leak and Laugh, Funny Or Not?

May 11, 2016 | by Missy

  The amazing Naama Bloom & the team at HelloFlo have done it again. Their new video, “Leaks Can’t Stop Me Now,” hit the waves Monday and urges women to “line your panties, grab your dance shoes” and “squeeze before you sneeze,” as a way to combat the reality of a leaky bladder. The video, […]

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Our Mother’s  Day Greetings to You

Our Mother’s Day Greetings to You

May 8, 2016 | by Lise Wood

We send our Mother’s Day greetings to the women who make what we do at WHF so dear to us. Whether our own pelvic health, made evident by the birth of our children, or the pelvic state of affairs of our mothers and grandmothers, sisters, and girlfriends – doing the research, developing the programming, and creating […]

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Congratulate our Award Winners!

Congratulate our Award Winners!

April 28, 2016 | by Liz Bowman

  Please join is in congratulating the inspirational careers of Below the Belt Award Winners, Dr. Tamara Bavendam and D. Rozena McCabe! Purchase an ad in our 2016 BTB program book bearing you or your organization name to show them your support! Contact Karla Alegria for more details at            

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